Below is a list of books/articles/other that I have recently found interesting. My goal with this list is to share bits of content that I hope will be useful and unique.


Please reach out to discuss any of the topics below as I have found them fascinating and would love to chat about them.  Also, I would love any feedback you have so don’t hesitate to get in touch with thoughts.

January 2021




A Short History of Nearly Everything: Bill Bryson- A Short History provides a fascinating tour of the history of a large number of scientific topics and theories. From deep discussions of physics to geology and everything in between, Bryson delivers a ton of information in a very readable (and often funny) package. A great combination of information and entertainment.

The Inner Game of Tennis: W. Timothy Gallwey- While the focus of this book is tennis, it is truly applicable for anyone seeking to improve their performance in any athletic or performance endeavor. Gallwey provides both theory and specific insights to help improve any kind of performance.

What Are You Laughing At? : Dan O'Shannon (HT Dan McMurtrie from Tyro Capital)- For anyone who has ever been curious about the structure of a joke. It also falls under the category of books that are not ostensibly about investing but will certainly help make you a better investor.



Reverse Engineering the Source Code of the Pfizer Vaccine- A fascinating article that takes a detailed look at the source code of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine similar to the way one might deconstruct a computer program. I had to read it several times but it was an incredible look at DNA/RNA, the production of vaccines broadly and the specific Pfizer vaccine.

The Weirdly Enduring Appeal of Weird Al- It feels weird to describe an article about Weird Al as a portrait of an artist given that he only sings parodies.  But this article is a great look at a craftsman who had an incredible passion for perfecting his music.  I especially loved the discussion of Weird Al’s obsession with tweaking lyrics to find the exact right combinations. 



Ric Elias- Peter Attia Podcast (HT Graham Duncan from East Rock Capital)- Ric was a passenger on the US Airways Flight that landed in the East River.  In this discussion with Peter Attia, he reflects on how that experience changed how he lived his life. One of the few podcasts I have listened to more than once and I have incorporated a few of Ric’s concepts (ex. be a “collector of bad wines”) in my daily life.

Rob Delaney on Grief- Actor/comedian Rob Delaney’s short discussion of losing his son Henry to brain cancer manages to be incredibly sad while also being a life-affirming reminder of what is truly important. It makes me want to find someone I care deeply about and give them a hug.

Brazilian Pianist in Bionic Gloves- As a result of numerous injuries, Brazilian pianist Joao Carlos Martins lost the ability to move his fingers and could not play the piano for over two decades.  Recently, he was given a pair of bionic gloves which allowed him to play again.  A great example of the progress being made.